Research Done: Re-Writing Begun!


Following on from my post on research a couple of days ago, I thought I’d quickly update you with progress so far.

I started what is effectively a re-write, rather than an edit, on Saturday. It was late in the day when I began, but I was determined to get something down, something started as a lead into the process. I managed 945 words that day.

Since then, including today’s efforts, I’ve reached a total of 9,309 words in the re-write. And I feel it’s going well. I’m re-acquainting myself with aspects of the research before each section, just so I don’t forget some crucial element.

So far, so good.

I’ll keep you informed of progress from time to time.

Oh, and one day in the not too distant future, I might have to think about a title. The working title, The Blood Red Dust, doesn’t really do it now.

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