How to Win the Lottery (And Other Stories), by Iain Parke, Reviewed.

how to win the lottery

An unusual and intriguing anthology, this. The author introduces each piece of fiction with an account of his route to the story and some of his writing methods. It makes for an interesting read for both readers and writers.

The collection is varied in both topics and style, but each tale is well structured and the writing is, for the most part, excellent. Characters are well formed and credible; the sort of person about which a reader can say, ‘I know someone just like that!’.

The latter part of the book contains an introductory chapter to the author’s series of novels set in the world of biking. He provides information about the closed sphere of motorcycle gangs, explaining some of the terms and customs regarding the Brethren MC. And the introductory chapter gives a flavour of both that secret world and the quality of the writing contained within those novels. This isn’t a world I wish to explore (I had a short personal experience of some Hell’s Angels many years ago and prefer not to revisit that!) But many readers will undoubtedly find this series an engaging and rewarding read.

I enjoyed the book. In particular, I was impressed with the storytelling and the quality of the writing. A good read.

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