Launch of The Methuselah Strain in Hardback


My publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing has published my science fiction novella, The Methuselah Strain in a limited edition hardback version alongside the digital version. The book, all copies of which will be signed by yours truly, is due for launch tomorrow, 24th October at Fantasticon 2015. See the previous blog post, here, for full details of this amazing convention.

I’m travelling up north later today to attend the 2 days of the convention, so I’ll hopefully see some of you there. I’ll be giving a reading and taking part on an author panel with others to discuss our working methods.

Of course, not all those who would like a copy of the book will be able to attend. So, I’m giving you the chance to order one now direct from the publisher by clicking this link. I’ll sign these copies when I’m at the convention and the publisher will post them shortly afterwards. Don’t miss out if you’re a science fiction fan: this is a limited edition.

What’s the book about?

The Methuselah Strain is set on a not-too-distant future Earth where natural and man-made disasters have significantly reduced the world’s population. Those left are served by advanced androids and live hedonistic lives.

Lucy Quain, developer of the most advanced androids during the many centuries of her life, is disenchanted with her inventions. She seeks a man to father a natural child with her, and she intends to return the human race to a more natural form of living. Will she succeed? What will be the result of her actions?

Get your hardback copy here, now, before they all go!