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Fantastic Fantasticon 2015:


What is it?

It’s a different kind of fantasy/scifi/gaming convention open to anyone and everyone with an interest in these popular topics. A place to take part, rather than simply a market place (though there are things to buy for those who want them, of course). And if you’re a Dr Who fan, you’ll find a Dalek and some familiar faces here along with many excellent representations of fantasy/scifi characters in the Cosplay area.

Where is it?

At The Country Park Inn, Hessle. This is in a fabulous location, just under the famous Humber Bridge right on the river and about 5 miles west of the centre of Hull. It’s the town where I was raised as a young child and teenager, so I know it well.

When is it?

This weekend!

It’s open on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October from 10:00 am.

And everyone is welcome. I’ll be there, signing books, doing a reading, and featuring on a panel with other writers talking about our working ways.

Come along. You can still get a ticket, here.

Further details, links and a snippet from the programme are listed below.

All of this and much more @ The Country Park Inn, Hull – ALL included in your ticket price.

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