Running for ME/CFS no. 53

The original has a little pocket full of slips with the website details for people to take with them.
The original has a little pocket full of slips with the website details for people to take with them.

One week today at this time I’ll be recovering, hopefully with a local pint and some tasty food, after running the 13.1 miles of the Great North Run along the roads from Newcastle Upon Tyne to the seafront at South Shields.

I’ve done all the training. Run a good many miles along local roads and through the hilly forest above my house. I’ve had physio for my back, taken advice about proper support for my knee, bought new running shoes a few weeks back, and had a look at what I should eat on the days approaching the race.

We’re staying in a pub in Durham for the nights before and after the event, since we live some 280 miles from the start point, and I don’t think it would be wise to attempt a drive home of that distance after such a run! In any case, the pick-up time to get me to the start is 07:25! I think all the gear and other stuff is ready for the day; I hope so, anyway. And I’ve arranged the necessary transport to and from the venue. So, everything is now set.

Hoping the weather stays dry, not too warm, not too cool.

If you’re so minded, please donate to the cause I’m raising money for. Action For M.E. helped me through the trials of 10 years with ME/CFS, so I want to give them something back. So far, I’ve raised 41% of the £500 target. I’ve placed a poster in the local post office so that people from the village can donate if they wish. For those who missed my offer to all who give to my fundraising, I direct you to post number 50 via this link. There you’ll discover an offer of a free eBook from my entire published range. Have a look and then, please, follow the link to the JustGiving site.

You can also buy the book detailing my experience of ME/CFS and giving advice for sufferers and their carers and families, ‘M.E. and me; Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years‘, by clicking the title or through the links on my ‘Published Works’ tab on this website. Half the profits go to the same charity.

My next post on this will be a short reminder before the weekend. Then I’ll do a report of my day when I return home. Please give me a couple of days to recover, as I’m visiting my brother on the way back home. All the gory details of the run, my time, my experiences, and anything else of relevance, will be in that final post on the subject.

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