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The Demon King, by Cinda Williams Chima, Reviewed.

the demon king

This story sits well within the sub-genre of magical fantasy. There are the wizards and amulets, thieves, hill-folk, princesses and queens associated with the genre. The tale is well told, with plenty of action and a good deal of well-handled romance in the various relationships.

For me, however, it is a little formulaic and reminded me of several other books I’ve read in similar vein. Don’t misunderstand me: this is a good story and it’s well presented. But I found it a little predictable and recognised scenarios, character types, and story structures I’ve come across before and found myself wondering when such-and-such would happen. The author didn’t disappoint me and I’m sure that lovers of this particular sub-genre will be delighted by the book. I prefer my fiction to be a little more surprising: I like to be led along a path and be presented with unexpected outcomes along the way.

The story moves at a good pace and the characters are well realised, as is the fantasy world the author has created here. I enjoyed the read, although I wasn’t driven to read it in the way some stories demand attention.

So, a great book for lovers of this type of fiction. And a pretty good read in general terms, but, for me, lacking that something extra that would make it really stand out. Nevertheless, recommended for those who like their fantasy served in a manner they find comfortable.

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