Running for ME/CFS no. 43

Looking down on Lower Lydbrook, the bottom half of my village run.
Looking down on Lower Lydbrook, the bottom half of my village run.

A little late this week with this one. My apologies; other things on my mind.

The programme for last week was: Wednesday, 6 sessions of 3-minute runs alternating with 2-minute walks; Friday, 5-mile run/walk with alternating 2-minute runs and 1-minute walks; Sunday, 30-minute brisk walk.

Wednesday, I set out to do the session along my usual forest trail but reached my normal turnaround point earlier than expected. So, I continued along the track towards a known destination and then set off back to retrace my steps. As luck would have it, I missed a turning on the track and continued along a trail I hadn’t previously used. Rain had threatened all morning and set in at this point. I continued along the new track, expecting to come across a side path to take me back to the original route, but none appeared. Eventually I recognised the terrain I was running through and realised I was on the side of a narrow valley with a brook running through it; a place Valerie and I have often walked, but on the other side of the stream. I knew the track I was on would eventually meet up with the path we’d walked, but would take me rather further than I’d intended. No matter, I ploughed on and, sure enough, came to the point I’d expected to find and turned back down the walking path. I knew where this would take me. Once I reached a point about a mile from home, I decided I to skip the walking sessions and run the rest of the way. So, the 30-minute 2-mile walk/run, turned into a 38-minute 3.3-mile trek.

Friday, I decided to combine the route through to the bottom of the village and back with the new run I’d accidently devised on Wednesday, as the two together gave me about 5.5 miles. I hadn’t bargained on the rather taxing nature of the run back up through the valley, which is an almost constant climb, quite steep in places. Nevertheless, I made it into the forest and continued along the flatter route, still climbing but only very gently, until I reached the last five hundred yards, when I came upon more steep inclines. One thing that 10 years of ME/CFS has taught me is to listen to my body. It was telling me I should allow discretion to be the better part of valour. I returned the way I’d come, taking the originally intended run from Wednesday’s session and therefore cutting a mile from the route. But, once on the return leg, I was on a constant, gentle, downhill track so I decided to miss out the walking sessions and run the last mile. It was a useful compromise. And, putting the Wednesday and Friday sessions together, I’d completed the required distance and time.

Sunday’s session was easily completed with a brisk walk through the forest with Valerie.

Today (Wednesday) I start the new week’s training, though I note the view from my study window suggests rain may well be on its way. Wish me luck!

And, should you wish to contribute to my fundraising efforts for the charity, Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Or, even simpler, send the text ‘MESA76’ to 70070 to donate £5 via your mobile phone. Thank you.

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