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Running for ME/CFS no. 42

Swimming in the Med after jumping off the boat!

Swimming in the Med after jumping off the boat!

This week asked for a Wednesday session of 6 times 3-minute runs alternating with 2-minute walks. However, after the last fortnight’s issues, I decided to do a straight 20-minute run initially, to get back into some sort of pattern. That turned out to be no problem and I actually covered a little more ground than usual.

Friday called for a 4 mile run/walk with alternate 2-minute runs and 1-minute walks. I took a route through the village down to the bottom and then back up, climbing the necessary 80 metres in height along the route. I then went into the forest and continued my normal 20-minute run route to make up the 4 mile distance. I completed the session in 47 minutes. That may not sound very fast, but it was a mix of walking and running and, if I did the half marathon at the same pace, I’d cover the distance in around two and a half hours. That will do for me. I’m not going into this to race, but to complete the distance and raise money, after all. However, I’ve a few more weeks before the event and I might yet improve my performance before then. Sunday was another 25-minute brisk walk and I actually did 35 minutes through the forest.

So, a success this week again. And, back in my own bed, I’m hoping my back will be okay now.

The coming week calls for 6 sessions of 3-minute runs alternating with 2-minute walks on Wednesday, a 5 mile run/walk with alternating 2-minute runs and 1-minute walks on Friday and a 30-minute brisk walk on Sunday.

Sales of the book are steady rather than spectacular, so if you know anyone who is affected by ME/CFS in any way at all, please point them in the direction of the book, via this link. Let’s make some money for Action For M.E.

And, to contribute to my fundraising efforts for the run, for Action For M.E., please click this link and take the easy steps to make a donation. Or, even simpler, send the text ‘MESA76’ to 70070 to donate £5. Thank you.

5 Responses to “Running for ME/CFS no. 42”

  1. stuartaken

    It increases as the race approaches. I did 8 and half miles a week or so ago. 10 miles one week before raceday!



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