Slam, by Nick Hornby, Reviewed.


Much to the probable annoyance of nearby sun-lounger occupiers, I read this on holiday by the pool. Annoyance? Yes; the book had me laughing out loud with its wit.

This very funny and often moving story is told through the voice of boy growing from near 16 to 18 years old. He becomes embroiled in a trap by accident and suffers the social and emotional consequences of what might otherwise have been a fairly commonplace adventure.

There is real insight here, coupled with empathy, humour and social comment. Great characterisation brings the characters to life on the page and allows the reader to actually care what happens. The tone is perfect for the narrative voice and places the reader right inside the events and issues raised.

This story of family, relationship, love and trust deals well with the basic questions of life and the trials of a young man as he tries to grow up.

A novel I picked up from the hotel library in Thassos and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Happily recommended.

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