More Words and A Problem

The WIP continues apace. Or, at least, it was, reaching 70,169 words yesterday, and completing what I like to call the ‘first phase’.

Of course, this isn’t just any old book. It’s a work of fiction, but written in a novel way (pun intended) that requires some specific presentation elements. (sounds rather more grand than it is).

Today I began phase two, which involves me writing from the pov of a character I have issues with, but a player crucial to the story. It requires me to adopt a mindset entirely alien to my own. Of course, that’s not unusual in fiction. But in this case, the change in tone that inevitably accompanies the narration from this character means I must present it as separate chapters. To avoid confusion for the reader I need to make it clear who’s narrating, but I don’t want to make it too obvious, as I wish to maintain some uncertainty in the reader’s mind. A bit of a conundrum. Until, over lunch, I came up with a relatively simple and easy to apply system. I won’t, of course, reveal the nature of that solution here and now, but it means I can continue with the story again. Relief!

By the way, before I broke off work on the WIP to pen this short post, I’d reached 70,677 words. And now, having posted this, I intend to continue with that work. Catch me later here on this blog for further revelations, among which will, eventually, be the title!

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