Houses Borders Ghosts, from The Fiction Desk: #BookReview.

Nine short stories from contributors to The Fiction Desk appear in this, the 14th anthology published by this independent publisher of short stories and edited by Rob Redman.
This is an eclectic collection of tales on no particular theme or treatment. It seems unnecessary to individually review these stories, and to synopsise them would be to remove the element of surprise, question, or meaning. And I won’t single out any author for special treatment. So, all I will say is that this is a varied and fascinating volume, introducing some new writers and featuring a few who have appeared in previous anthologies. There is definite talent here, and the very individual stories all carry characters who step off the pages as real, even when the setting may stray into the realms of fantasy.
I enjoyed this stroll into the world of the short story and was able to read each story during a single, often snatched, interlude in my fairly busy life. A good read.

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2 thoughts on “Houses Borders Ghosts, from The Fiction Desk: #BookReview.

  1. Nice review on what sounds like an eclectic group of stories. Hope you and Valerie are having a wonderful week Stuart. I wanted to thank you for noticing I have been writing a lot on twitter and for all your support as usual. Sending big hugs to you both. Love ❤️ Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. Your poetry is always so emotive and evocative, and I empathise with your generous spirit, so I’m always happy to share it with others.
      Hope you and Scot are well and happy.


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