#ScenicSaturday 26/Nov/22

All photographs in this series were taken in November, though not necessarily this year. My digital picture library started with my first DSLR camera, bought a few years back. I share them here to show #ourworldiswonderful.
Taken in the Forest of Dean last year, this photograph of the sometimes spectacular colours of autumn echoes my love for trees. These amazing plants demand nothing from us as they provide fresh oxygen each day and absorb much of the carbon dioxide we expel with our addiction to fossil fuels. There is serenity in the forest much of the time, a haven to restore the spirits, a joy to inhabit.


These posts of our wonderful world are weekly, but I also Tweet one each day (as long as Elon Musk’s takeover doesn’t render the platform unusable for mere mortals), with the hashtag #ourworldiswonderful, join me here if you wish. You can comment, like, and share these to spread the joy of natural beauty to as many people as possible. It may even persuade some to join the cause for nature and fight the fast-approaching climate emergency and species extinctions.

More pictures appear in the Gallery.
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7 thoughts on “#ScenicSaturday 26/Nov/22

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  2. Ah, the lovely colors of fall. This is what I call here our second fall. The first is when all the trees with bright leaves color our landscape, the second is when the late colors arrive – always around Thanksgiving.

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    1. Thank you, Noelle. Our autumn is a slightly prolonged season. There are so many different tree species in the forest that we rarely get a ‘full-on’ colour fall. More often, we have different trees loosing their leaves at different times, so the forest is a palette of different warm shades from mid October right through to mid December, when almost all the deciduous trees have shed their leaves for winter. There are, however, many beech trees among the other species and the younger saplings of this variety tend to retain their autumnal leaves throughout the winter as a shield for the new buds, shedding them only when the new buds are ready to open.


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