Horse of a Different Colour, by Melodie Trudeaux: #BookReview.

112 pages
Riding & Horsemanship/Gen Sprots Hobbies & Games/Teen & Young Adult

This intriguing and humorous adventure story for children, especially those who love horses, involves a little magic in the form of role play that suddenly becomes real! It becomes potentially rather dangerous for young Megan, able to swap places with Jack, the old and rather neglected horse of the title.
It’s a great tale, involving readers in the worlds of school bullies, animal welfare, silly aunts, parental failures, and the themes of justice, compassion, and the delights of chocolate.
Well-written and easy to read, it is told through characters both adults and younger readers will be fully able to empathise with, though there may be slightly different attitudes to these, dependent on age! The story has plenty of tension to encourage page-turning, incidents to make readers care, cry out in alarm, shed the occasional tear, and laugh, laugh a lot.
A book for youngsters to read by themselves or as a bedtime story from those wonderful parents who still find the time to do something so marvellous. I’m a grumpy old man, and I enjoyed it!


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4 thoughts on “Horse of a Different Colour, by Melodie Trudeaux: #BookReview.

  1. Melodie Trudeaux

    Thank you, Stuart, what a lovely review to stumble across. It was a fun book to write, so it’s good to know it was fun to read.

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  2. Sounds great. I loved any stories with horses in them as a child, black Beauty being one of my favourite. I’ll check it out for the youngsters in my life. Thanks.

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