#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 23/May/22

Spring has yet to reach this lone tree on a Dorset hillside. The picture was taken in May 2013. Can it be that climate change has moved spring so much earlier over such a short period? All the pictures in this month’s series were taken in May, but during different years. Are the seasons altering so obviously?


From the end of May, I’ll be posting a picture just once a week. Books and writing have taken a back seat for too long. I started this daily series when Covid confined people to their homes, unable to enjoy nature. It’s time to return to my writing and a project my publisher is sponsoring. More of that in a few days or so. If you want to spread joy, respect, and responsibility for our wonderful planet, please share these posts on social media (the ‘share’ buttons below help), comment with your thoughts, and help sustain our environment for the future. Thank you. Earth is our only home.

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4 thoughts on “#Words and #PictureOfTheDay: 23/May/22

  1. Our trees put out their leaves at different times, and the schedule can alter depending on whether we have a chilly or warm spring. That tree looks like it has reddish leaf buds – it’s coming, it’s coming!

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    1. This year, as with the last three, Noelle, spring seems to have arrived a little earlier than usual. It seems to be a growing trend. But, of course, the seasons have always varied a little.

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      1. We are warmer here overall. We used to have several good snowfalls a year, but now it is unusual if we have one. Of course, when we were having all the cold and snow, we were told we were entering another ice age!

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        1. Yes, the predictions of a new ice age were based on data collected before the climate began to change noticeably. There is no longer any doubt human activity has seriously affected the world’s atmosphere and the climate emergency, predicted in the 1980s by Greenpeace, is now well and truly with us. We can but hope Governments, Industry, and the whole population realise they need to act before it’s too late, eh?

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