Another 5 Star Review.             

I came across this review by Joshua Grant while doing a search for my book on Amazon to check on current progress. Despite the fact I entered the title of my book in its exact form, the search returned 75 pages of titles, none of which (apart from mine) had this exact title. In fact, on the UK site, my book was well down on page 4. And a search on the USA page took me down to the bottom of page 20! How does Amazon think this helps customers in search of a specific title? Frankly, Amazon couldn’t care less about the people who create what it sees simply as ‘products’, treating books as if they were the same as house bricks. But a book is a piece of creative work, a unique creation requiring thousands of hours of work from the maker. And a reader is usually looking for that specific title. The least Amazon could do is respect that distinction and list their books on sale in an order that helps their customers find exactly what they seek.
Fortunately, I provide a universal link to my book, leading all potential readers to its place on their own local Amazon store. Here it is.
And here’s the review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Survival, romance, and intrigue!

Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2021

Stuart Aken throws us into the middle of a survival thriller with a splash of romance in An Excess Of…! Six strangers are stranded on a desert island, forced to overcome their prejudices and preconceptions in order to survive. But tensions will rise, along with some romances and intrigue. Aken offers plenty of thrills and twists, but the tensions and dueling philosophies between the survivors was what intrigued me the most! It was a fascinating metaphor for humanity as a whole seeing these people with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs help or harm one another for various reasons. If you’re looking for a survival thriller with depth, philosophy, and romance, come splash up on the island in An Excess Of!

And my thanks to Joshua Grant for his perceptive review, which also appears on his excellent website, here.

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  1. Try searching the various Amazons once daily for your title, and click on the book each time you find it. AZ’s AI will eventually change the algorithms to bring you up on the first page.

    Congrats on another 5-star review!

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    1. An interesting idea, Kathy, thank you. I’ll give it a try. But we really shouldn’t be forced into such activity as creators. If Amazon actually cared about readers, they’d make sure their search facility aided them in their search for a specific title rather than pushing the books Amazon can make most profit from.

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