Searching For Books on Amazon

Have you ever looked for a book on Amazon, using its specific title, and been presented with pages of other books, none of which answers your search? I've just posted a piece on Medium on the topic, here.

Another 5 Star Review.             

I came across this review by Joshua Grant while doing a search for my book on Amazon to check on current progress. Despite the fact I entered the title of my book in its exact form, the search returned 75 pages of titles, none of which (apart from mine) had this exact title. In fact, …

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Amazon Decoded, by David Gaughran: #BookReview.

326 Pages Authorship Reference/E-Commerce Web Marketing. I read this book after reading the author’s ‘Let’s Get Digital’. It’s a natural follow-on for those interested in marketing their e-books as indie writers/publishers. In fact, it also has a lot to say about, and to, mainstream and some small publishers, much of which might benefit the authors …

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