My Publisher’s View of my Latest Novel

I thought I’d share my publisher’s view of my latest novel ‘An Excess Of…’ with you. I love a succinct summary of my creative work.

An Excess Of Stupidity Proved Too Much For This Climate Campaigner

Fantastic Books Publishing

Author Stuart Aken has deserted the far reaches of the universe and the fantasy lands of his previous novels to mount a coruscating attack on humankind’s stupidity in allowing climate change to run so close to an irreversible tipping point. An Excess Of… is a novel set in the near future, in which he strands three men and three women on an uninhabited island. Strangers to each other, they find that their small group holds an inflammatory mix of rigid beliefs, fiery passions, superstitions and prejudices.

Aken explores the world’s problems through this incendiary microcosm of the human race in a story that encompasses the clash of radically opposing extremes of culture and belief as this disparate group, clinging to a world riven with environmental catastrophe, is forced to cooperate or die.

Through the harsh realities, Aken shows us the humanity within his characters and manages to find an upbeat note in a near hopeless setting. The story is a mix of romance, adventure, religion, politics and environmental issues.

Aken himself is a long standing and active member of Greenpeace and has been an environmental campaigner for over two decades. He explains the title of his latest novel, quoting from James Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson. “Why, Sir, Sherry is dull, naturally dull; but it must have taken him a great deal of pains to become what we now see him. Such an excess of stupidity, Sir, is not in nature.”

An Excess Of… is launched in October 2021.

Dan Grubb, CEO of Fantastic Books Publishing, says, “An Excess Of … is Stuart’s 8th novel with us. It’s very different from his previous science fiction or fantasy, but at the same time, it is the compelling and hard hitting prose that we have come to expect. My advice? Grab a copy and settle yourself for a rollercoaster ride.”

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The book is available from Amazon as a paperback or ebook

Fantastic Books Publishing

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    I hope they make it available on American Amazon!


  2. My Reblog button isn’t working. I think it will work as soon as I post this tho.
    Sherrie Miranda’s “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans” follows the dramatic story of naive, sheltered Shelly going to “The Big Easy” to prepare for El Salvador, but has no idea she will encounter sexism and witness racism as well as illegal activities by government agents.
    Author, Sherrie Miranda’s husband made the trailer for “Crimes & Impunity in New Orleans.” He wrote the music too.

    Review: Shelly’s journey in “the city that care forgot.”Sherrie Miranda’s new novel “Crimes and Impunity in New Orleans” puts the reader into a whirlwind of political protests, abusive police, sexist attitudes towards women, and “good old boys” racism in 1980’s New Orleans. Miranda’s second novel follows Shelly, the young northerner, as she quickly finds out that she “isn’t in Kansas anymore” while encountering a slew of picturesque, colorful characters. Reading her book makes you wonder if justice and respect for blacks, immigrants, and women can be reality in America.


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