#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 27/Oct/21

Pictures to inspire words or images. Poem, story, play, novel, memoire, essay, painting, drawing, sculpture, or another photograph? Up to you. Or simply enjoy the pictures. My image is untitled to avoid guidance. But the title, not always helpful, is here.

If you use the prompt, please post a link to your work, or the work itself, in the comments section, if you wish. Alternatively, please credit me by linking to this post, so more people see both our creations.

Have fun and get those creative juices flowing.

Occasionally, inspired by the image, I’ll write here:

For a small selection of my pictures, see the Gallery, or for a fuller appreciation, click here.         

10 thoughts on “#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 27/Oct/21

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  2. Beauty of the earth , such a beautiful view of calm sea waves, awesome boats and the gorgeous
    mountain all seems paradise and grace this nature 🌷👌🙏♥️🌷 Have a happy Thursday 👏🥀

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    1. This St Tropez, in the south of France, Thattamma, a well known European haven for millionaires, so we felt a little out of place! But it was a pleasant day trip and we enjoyed our walk around the Citadel on arrival.

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      1. Thank you so much for this lovely reply message 👌🙏🌷
        This place full of natural beauty , paradise in heaven seems 👍🏻🙏
        Very lucky people can be there to enjoy and Sir , you are 👍🏻😊🙏🌷

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    1. There had been a brief rain storm just before we boarded the small ferry, Lynette, so the sea was a little ruffled and the sky slowly clearing. It was that combination that had me risking standing up on this small, rocking boat to get the picture.

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  3. Ahoy! ye Mateys! A sailing we must go! It’s your fault for taking my imagination down to the ships and bringing out the pirate in me! Seriously, the peaceful rocking of a boat will quiet the anger and anxiety in anyone. Love the gentle waves and the cloudy blue sky. The boats are just window dressing. Thanks for posting.

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    1. This was taken from the open cabin of a small ferry, Brenda, where I suggested an older lady sit further inside so she wouldn’t get splashed by the waves – naturally, I got splashed instead!
      But it was a fine day.
      I love sailing, but it’s many years since I took to the tiller.

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