It’s Out! Get it Here.

The paperback is available now!

Have you got your copy yet? Why not? This is the best book you’ll read this year – not that I’m biased, of course!

Okay, I’ll try to calm my enthusiasm for my latest novel. But it’s exciting when you hold it for the first time in the form of a real book, with pages (351), and a cover. Wonderful.

You can get the paperback right now by clicking this link, wherever you call home.

If you prefer the screen to the printed page, you’ll need to hang on for the read until 25th October. But you can pre-order the digital version now if you click here.

10 thoughts on “It’s Out! Get it Here.

    1. Thanks, April. It’s been a long time coming, and huge research was needed, but I think I’ve managed to tell a good story from the material gathered and the characters created.


  1. Amazon does not offer it in eBook except as a pre-order. I will go back later and order it if it isn’t sold out!!! Seriously I read the synopsis and it sounds like a stay-up-all-night kind of read. I love the cover, too!

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    1. Yes, Brenda, the e-book is due for launch on 25th October, but you can pre-order at no extra cost and it’ll be delivered to your device on 25th Oct, ready for you to read.
      Thank you for your support.

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