Today’s #Picture Inspiring Imagination: 16/August/21

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24 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture Inspiring Imagination: 16/August/21

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        1. Aye, most cities seem to be very much the same these days. But Paris has managed to retain most of its older and more elegant architecture.


      1. What is that big blue boat across the water? Is it a really cool ferry? Just curious as it appears really streamlined and is an interesting boat. That was really an amazing view.

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              1. I have never sailed but would love too. That would be lovely and romantic both. I have eaten on several boats but never while sailing. Now you have gone an added something beautiful to my bucket list. Hugs to you both, love ❤️ Joni

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                1. Ah, you’re missing a great experience, Joni. Taking the tiller of a yacht at full sail and guiding it through the waves with only the wind to move you is a lovely feeling. I’ve done it only a few times, on the boat of a teacher and his wife who lived on a small island and owned a 27 foot boat.
                  As for eating aboard, I’ve done that on a barge on a canal, on a river boat, and on boats at sea either as ferries or as coastal tours. Enjoyed it all. Mind you, my biological father was a sailor, as was my grandfather, so I think the sea is in my blood!
                  Give it a go if you ever get the chance. You’ll love it!

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                  1. Oh boy that sounds lovely. You would have the water in your blood Stuart. Perhaps that is why you do so many wonderful photographs of the ocean, ponds and streams.

                    I have always wanted to sail I will have to try and do so the first chance I get. Pictures of couples on sailboats having wine and a meal always look so lovely. ❤️🤗🦋 thank you my friend.

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    1. There’s an element of the inevitable in there, Noelle, if we visit the same locations. But each will be tinged with our own special viewpoint and selection of frame.

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