Beyond Writing: Art of Choice #OpenBook Blog Hop

March 29, 2021
If you weren’t an author, what other art would you likely pursue?

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I’ve come to this a little late in the day, as it ends today. But My chosen creative activity outside writing is photography. As regular visitors know, I’ve spent the past year, during our extended lockdown for Covid 19, posting daily pictures of natural beauty to help those who are stuck indoors have a slice of the outdoors.

I spent some years working as a professional photographer, and now do this on a part time, semi-professional basis. Some of my work can be found here.

12 thoughts on “Beyond Writing: Art of Choice #OpenBook Blog Hop

    1. Titles, labels, they mean different things to diferent people, Asit. I think I prefer ‘writer’ to ‘author’, as I’ve written in a number of different formats, and the term encompasses these. Most of us who are creative, have interests in other fields as well. It’s part of the imaginative consciousness, I think. You enjoy a field that is quite difficult for many, especially those of advanced years who have not grown up with computers and programming, so that’s a useful and creative field you can employ to provide a service for those without the technical knowledge.

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    1. Thanks, Stevie. I’ve not been involved with one of these before, so thought I’d give it a try.
      The Angel of the North is such a photogenic piece. But I tend to concentrate on natural beauty most of the time.

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        1. Ah, the Isle of Wight. Nearest I’ve been is Southampton (where I was visiting my 103 year old aunt), and a small town up the coast in the New Forest. It’s one of those places I’ve intended to visit ever since I made a marquetry picture of Godshill in my late teens, but somehow never go around to getting there. Not too late, though. One day, I’ll sail across to the island!

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