Ten Day #Travel Challenge: Day 9.

My friend, Joni Caggiano, poet, writer and photographer, nominated me to participate in the “Ten Day Travel Challenge.” The ‘rules’ are that participants post a photograph each day for ten days without disclosing the location, and nominate 10 others to engage with this challenge if they so desire. I’m a rule breaker by nature and also enjoy indulging my curiosity, so I’m bending those ‘rules’. I’ll ‘invite’ a new participant each day, but not inform them personally. I’m interested to see how far the news will travel without deliberate action from me. So, one unidentified picture, one invitee, ten days.
Also, I’ll post the normal ‘Today’s Pictures’, from the Forest of Dean, as part of this series over the next ten days.

Winter sun throws long shadows among the firs.
A gentle breeze disturbs the reflection of bare trees on a pond in the forest.

Today, I invite my online friend, Harold, whose work can be found here.

12 thoughts on “Ten Day #Travel Challenge: Day 9.

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  2. I agree with Lynette Stuart that photograph of the forest is stunning and ethereal. Great work, the first one is also crazy amazing. By the way thank you by the way for the sweet retweet today my friend. Love to y’all 💕Joni

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      1. Oh interesting my friend. That is such a great shot. I don’t think it is luck. You have to have the eye to start with and it has to be good. You are being modest now. Hoping you two have a wonderful day. Please be careful as it sounds like things are crazy there just like here. Stay safe my friend. 💕❤️Joni

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    1. There was a UN youth peace day in progress during our visit here, which made the whole thing even more entertaining, Lynette.
      I’ve always been fascinated by reflections on water; they change so unpredictably and most shots are entirely down to luck, I think.

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    1. Yes, a well-known place this time, Brenda.
      The second picture is in a place we call our ‘magical’ forest. The ground there is covered in a carpet of moss that makes it almost silent as you walk between the trees. Last time we visited, we watched a buzzard flying very low with a squirrel in its claws. The place has an aura of the unthreatening forests in many fantasy strories.

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