Ten Day #Travel Challenge: Day 8.

My friend, Joni Caggiano, poet, writer and photographer, nominated me to participate in the “Ten Day Travel Challenge.” The ‘rules’ are that participants post a photograph each day for ten days without disclosing the location, and nominate 10 others to engage with this challenge if they so desire. I’m a rule breaker by nature and also enjoy indulging my curiosity, so I’m bending those ‘rules’. I’ll ‘invite’ a new participant each day, but not inform them personally. I’m interested to see how far the news will travel without deliberate action from me. So, one unidentified picture, one invitee, ten days.
Also, I’ll post the normal ‘Today’s Pictures’, from the Forest of Dean, as part of this series over the next ten days.

A seasonal puddle reflects the forest trees
Sometimes, the mists create imaginary monsters!

Today, I invite my online friend, Mark, whose work can be found here.

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. The castle is almost entirely ruins. But there remains a fairly tall tower that can be climbed via the internal spiral staircase. It’s a challenge, but the view from the top is worth the effort.
      The ‘monster’ emerges from a deep vale where a small brook gushes from a waterfall – difficult to access. It’s one of the places in the forest where mist is almost certain in the right weather conditions.
      Glad I’m able to stimulate your imagination. The forest always stimulates mine and I generally arrive home with ideas for stories.

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    1. Thanks, Denise. We stopped off in this town on the way home from a family get-together in the northeast. The castle turned out to be a bonus, and we were almost antirely alone for our visit. An enjoyable visit.

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