Today’s Pictures: 13 Jan 21

Today, we return to the original project to share natural beauty with everyone who is confined indoors due to Covid-19. The more people who share these posts on social media with their friends and followers, the more people we’ll reach. And it’ll also show more of them our wonderful world. Maybe, between us, we can …

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Why read??

I hope my visitors here are readers. I am, after all, primarily a writer. But, just in case you’re not, please consider this blog post that I found on the website of one of my followers.

Written in the Stars

Any avid book reader (such as myself) will tell you that immersing yourself in a great novel brings your imagination to life and transports you to another world where all the troubles you face in reality don’t exist- it’s just you and the characters. When we read we’re improving lots of aspects of our well-being, such as growing more empathy, improving memory, cutting stress, and even just making us more positive overall. And isn’t that the most important thing in life?

Over and over again I hear people complain that reading isn’t for them because they can’t find a good book, or it’s BORING! There are millions upon millions of fantastic books out there of all genres to get lost in, and I truly believe that there is a genre out there for everyone. And by no means is reading boring! I’m going to put it out there and say…

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