Today’s Pictures: 16 Dec 20

Afternoon winter sun brightens the trees that are reflected in a seasonal puddle along a track.

If you share this post widely on social media, it will let those who are stuck indoors, due to Covid 19, to enjoy it. It will also reach more people and, hopefully, show them what a wonderful place our world is. With luck, between us, we could restore some love and respect for nature and slow down the damage to our environment. Thank you.

Summer warmth in the surf crashing onto the black, volcanic sands of Santorini. Taken September 2013
An abandoned cottage in the Forest of Dean.

If you like my pictures, why not have a look at my gallery? You can find it here or through the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top of the page.

19 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 16 Dec 20

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    1. Thanks, Joni. December and January are often particularly dull months here, so it’s great to find that frequently brief spell of brightness that brings all the colour back to life.
      My daily pictures aren’t necessarily taken on the day they’re posted, of course. Yesterday, the only walk we managed was along the village streets at dusk, as we had heavy rain all day. So I try to post brightness. After all, this whole series is intended to lighten the days for those unable to get outdoors.

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      1. So very true my friend. Scott and I spent our whole evening on the phone with Apple to try and update my computer to the latest OS. The morning was spent on the phone with WordPress. They were both super supportive and helpful. I can’t update my computer until I bring it in to an Apple Store so we decided to wait. I missed a lot of post. I am going to try and catch up today. It has been gorgeous here after morning rains as the sun comes out. I love walking in the brisk air. I hope you have dry weather soon so you two can enjoy some sunshine on your walk. BTW I am sending you a message soon. Love and hugs to you and Valerie. 🤗💕❤️🦋Joni

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        1. Hopefully, your computer problems will be sorted soon, Joni.
          Yesterday was a lovely bright day and we walked over 3 miles. I took about 70 pictures on the way.
          Today, I awoke to darkness and heavy rain, which is set in for the day. So, apart from a necessary walk to the village shop for some food, we’ll be indoors, I think.

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          1. Wow that is a lovely long walk. Sounds like you get a lot of heavy rain. I bet it is cold as well. You two walk everywhere which is how you two stay in such great shape. I miss that about where we lived in Washington we could walk everywhere and did. Love to you both. 🤗💕❤️🦋Joni

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      2. Stuart I was nominated by Francisco Bravo Cabrera for a Ten Day Travel Challenge. I was very flattered as like yourself he is a multi-talented artist and a very talented photographer also like yourself. You will see the post tomorrow and hopefully you can continue to post a photograph but not say where it is from for ten days. Like yourself Francisco has a Gallery where he sells his work. If you can’t participate because of time I understand and don’t worry, but I thought of you right away. Love to you both, Joni

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        1. Yes, I came across your post on your site, Joni, as I was dealing with the emails this morning. It’s a challenge I’ll try, but I’ll use some of my other pictures for it, and keep the daily forest pics going separately. I need to assemble the nominees before I start, though, and, obviously, I can’t include you in that! So, probably start that in a couple of days or so.
          Thanks for your lovely comments on my Gallery, too!

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          1. Sounds wonderful Stuart. I know it cuts into time and I thought since your next book is now with your publisher perhaps you would have the time. Start when ever you can. I am just glad you are willing to participate as people will be blessed. If you don’t follow Francisco I think you would enjoy his work. You are both blessed with such amazing talent. Multi-talented men. Your gallery is literally stunning Stuart. So much talent and I saw you had written additional books I didn’t know about. Amazing really!!! Love to you both. 🤗💕❤️🦋Sending Valerie flowers to brighten the day since it is dark and raining. I apologize for the late response too, I woke up with a migraine so had a late start today. Hugs 🤗

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            1. Ouch! Migraines are a literal pain. Hopefully that’s now fading.
              I’ll have some work to do regarding the new book after Xmas, when the editors will send me suggestions for change. And I’ll have to do some of the prep for marketing, and I have an idea for the cover, which I’ll need to design and send to Dan. He employs his own professional cover designers, of course, but I want to put forward an idea to him, and that’s much better in the form of an illustration than a written description, so I’ll have to get my coloured pens and inks out.
              Still raining here, so no walk, other than a necessary visit to the village shop, today. Situated in the southwest of the country, we get a lot of the Atlantic weather here, but it’s also a lot milder here than it was in our last location in Yorkshire, near the northeast coast.
              Thanks, Joni. You always brighten my day.

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              1. Well you brighten my day as well Stuart, thank you so much. That sounds exciting. I literally have no ability to draw or do any kind of artwork. Designing your own new book cover, that sounds very hands on, your publisher probably appreciates that kind of dedication. I was just telling Katy about you, she is forresting365 and she is an amazing artist and poet that is a southern girl like me. She is a ray of light. I think you and Valerie would enjoy her. My migraine is better thank you Stuart. Sounds like you might get them as well, I hope not as you are right they are not fun. Have a wonderful day the two of you. By the way I have been following the vaccine 💉(to be distributed news for UK) sounds like your country was on the ball ordering the vaccine way before we did. You two don’t get into any trouble and stay safe. Love y’all 💕❤️

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                1. I used to get migraines when I was employed, and since I had to drive to and from work, I saw my doctor and she gave me some tablets that could be taken immediately symptoms appeared. They worked very well. Still had the odd feeling a migraine usually leaves in its wake, but no more visual disturbance and no headache.
                  I don’t expect my sketched cover design to be used as is, but I’m hoping it might be a guide for the professional cover designer to take into account. We’ll have to wait and see.
                  I’ll be in the 4th group of people to be vaccinated, Valerie in the 5th, so it’ll be late Jan, maybe Feb when we get that.
                  Any sign when you’ll get your job, Joni? In the meantime, take care and keep safe.

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                  1. Yes migraines can be debilitating whilst one is having one. Sorry you use to have them. Hopefully not anymore. I take medication probably the same as you. They only have the one approved by the FDA but they work pretty quick for me too. I am so thankful for them.
                    I am glad you will be getting the vaccine in a month or so, the two of you. We have no idea because as you know who will be our President until our President elect is sworn in. He is picking a very diverse cabinet I am excited to see what he will do. You two just remain safe we are doing the same. We are both so blessed that we are with the person we love the most on this earth. Yea!!!! Be blessed my friend. Love and hugs Joni

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    1. There’s something rather reassuring to see warmth in the colours of the forest at this time of the year, Lynette. And it’ll be specially welcome to you up there in the frozen north!

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