Today’s Pictures: 17 Dec 20

From the shadows into the light.

Share this post widely on social media and it will let those who are stuck indoors, due to Covid 19, enjoy it. It’ll also reach more people and, hopefully, show them the wonderful place our world is. With luck, between us, we’ll restore some love and respect for nature and slow down the damage to our environment. Thank you.

On a summer evening, people gather on the harbour wall on the island of Crete to watch the sunset. Taken August 2008
Late afternoon sun in December in a grove of oaks in the Forest of Dean

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12 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 17 Dec 20

  1. Don’t worry Stuart. All celebrations have been done via email or phone. I’m not messing with the chance at life I have. I never want to see the inside of a hospital again. YAHOO!

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. It was one of those evenings when the light and the situation came together beautifully. That it was also a spot where we could have a delicious Greek meal and overlook the sea was a real bonus!

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  3. Your photographs are beautiful Stuart, I am particularly fond of the last one. I have a real love for your forest, there are so many gorgeous angles, slopes, ancient buildings, little bridges and other hidden secrets you reveal to us. As for the century old trees in the forest they are always amazing to admire. Such a lovely place to be fortunate enough to be able to take your morning walks there with your lovely wife. Be safe and blessed you two. Love Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. On our walk yesterday we met a couple of blokes on bikes and had a short, socially distanced chat. All of us noted how lucky we are to live here, and how important it is not to take our location for granted.
      The recent spell of wet weather has turned a few of the paths into muddy tracks, some even have running water, but we’re always well shod for the conditions and we arrive home spiritually uplifted if, sometimes, a little muddy!
      Today is a day of constant rain, so I doubt we’ll go further than the village shop for some needed food. But at least we can do that.
      You keep safe and stay well.

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      1. Will do my friend. You both stay safe too. I would think that the forest floor could get pretty slick when it is so wet. All that beautiful moss and ferns and hills. You two don’t take a tumble. Be careful. I know you don’t take your beautiful location for granted. It was probably nice to visit with some locals that felt the same way and safely, outdoors in the sun. 🤗💕❤️

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        1. We tend to stay on the flat when it’s as wet as it is at present, Joni. The hilly tracks are very slippery when wet! Hopefully, we’ll get a prolonged dry spell soon. The forecast is for cool and dry in the days close to Xmas.
          You and Scott take care.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog, Tom.
      But, much more importantly, WOW! Fabulous news for you and your family. That ‘all clear’ result must be the best news a cancer sufferer can get. Free to live the rest of your life, and do what you really want to do, now. There’s no doubt that dancing with death gives you a different perspective on life, emphasises what is really important, changes priorities.
      Enjoy it, Tom. But, please, tempting as it may be, hold the celebrations with family and friends until this pandemic is under control. Keep safe and stay well.


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