Fantasticon 2020

Each year, Dan Grubb and his publishing company, Fantastic Books Publishing, run a Fantasticon event in England. Always a great place for fantasy, sci-fi, gamers, readers of all sorts, and those who simply enjoy a bit of fun. This year, 2020, the Covid 19 pandemic has prevented such events going ahead because of social distancing and all the other factors involved. So, Dan’s created a virtual Fantasticon 2020 for everyone, worldwide, to attend. It begins on Twitch TV, at 11:00 BST (I’d give all the relevant global times, but it would take up too much space! If you want to find out when it goes live for you, just head along to worldtimebuddy and enter your timezone)

This year, the event is concentrating on books, so there’s a lot there for readers in all genres. There’ll be interviews, presentations, readings, music, and a generally entertaining experience for all.

So, head on over to Twitch TV any time from 11:00 BST and join in the fun (there’s a chat facility so you can ask questions).