Fated to Meet You, by Despoina Kemeridou: #BookReview.

49 pages

Time Travel Romance

This short book has a gentle, naïve charm. It is, essentially, a fairy tale. But a fairy tale for adults.

As a reader, I enjoyed the story. As a writer, I found some elements in need of editing, but that’s so often the case these days that it hardly merits the mention.

The central character, also the first-person narrator, is honest, credible, and easy to empathise with. The other characters are also well drawn.

At one point, I feared the tale was heading for a literary dead-end, but the author has cleverly constructed the story to defeat that obstacle, and the denouement led to an ending that was both satisfactory and plausible. An enjoyable read.

[Any review is a personal opinion. No reviewer can represent the view of anyone else. The best we can manage is an honest reaction to any given book.]

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