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Today’s Pictures: 14 June 20

Sunshine streams through gaps in the canopy in this stand of pine trees.

Trying to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another day when grey skies greeted the morning and the forecasters predicted rain in the afternoon, so we ventured out early for our walk. It turns out they got their forecast wrong for our narrow valley (it has a miniclimate all of its own!). And, as I post this, the one shower we had has departed and the sun is shining from a blue sky through puffy white clouds.

We were travelling back to Rome from a day at the archeological site in Pompeii and this unusual sky appeared as a storm developed. I took this through the window of the speeding coach on the motorway in September 2018.

If you get pleasure from this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

13 Responses to “Today’s Pictures: 14 June 20”

  1. jonicaggiano

    Stuart the photograph of the sun shining through the trees is gorgeous. When I blow it up I can see the lovely green moss and the beautiful wild ferns. The sky is magnificent that you shot. It is hard to believe you captured that while speeding down the road – amazing. Nicely done my friend. Hugs to you and yours. 🤗🤗Joni

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    • stuartaken

      We love thast mossy floor, Joni, it makes walking there so peaceful.
      The coach was travelling at about 70 mph, so I had to be pretty quick, and had to avoid all the motorway signs that kept appearing! But the sky was so dramatic, I felt I had to try to capture it.
      Thank you for your appreciation.

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