Today’s Pictures: 9 June 20

We frequently walk under this old railway bridge, following the ancient cart track that once served the quarries and mines but now serves as a quiet trail. The railway line is now a flat and easy walkway. The bridge is Victorian engineering, probably built around 1850/60.

Trying to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Haiku 11

Growing untold years
more than the mortal planters
I still give my all

An ancient olive tree on Samos, one of the Greek islands. Taken in September 2016.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 9 June 20

    1. Greece, as you probably know, Noelle, is a major producer of olive oil. It’s great that there are many places where you can just wander among their trees. Such friendly people.

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  2. Regarding the olive tree on Samos – What is that flesh colored item at its base? If I had a gruesome sense of humor I’d say it was a disembodied female foot in a dark shoe.

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    1. Ho Ho Ho, Tom. I could tell a porky and say it’s exactly what you imagined. But, prosaically, it’s just part of a terracotta roof tile!


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