Today’s Picture: 11 May 20

Pictures taken on our forest walk to brighten the day, especially for those confined inside.

Something a little different today; a shot taken from the top of the hill of the village surrounded by the forest.

And a shot on the way to the top.

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    1. Thank you. It’s a beautiful place; the village runs down a small valley, fed by a brook that joins the River Wye at the bottom of the village. The Wye Valley is registered as An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and much of its length forms part of the boundary between England and Wales. We feel privileged to live here.


    1. Thanks, Lynette. We couldn’t see this view until relatively recently. The slope immediately below the spot I took the picture from was populated with Larch trees. Unfortunately, these became infected with an insect pest that caused them damage. The Forestry Commission decided to remove the source of the infestation by clear cutting the whole slope and revealing this view in the process. They will leave it fallow for a few years, for the soil to rest and renew and then replant with other trees.

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        1. A valid question, Lynette. But the location is such that it has a couple of natural drainage channels and the excess that might otherwise overwhelm the area is actually drained by a small tarmac road above, which is well-drained.

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    1. Thank you, Noelle. So far, we’ve been spared the hoards here. Mind you, with the strangely worded announcement made by Boris Johnson on Sunday, seemingly encouraging people to travel by car for their daily exercise, who knows how long our serenity will continue?

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