Daily Forest Walk Picture 29.04.20

Spreading some light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for a fuller explanation.

This is post 26.

Morning began with two short power cuts, which rather interrupted my work on the PC. After breakfast, we travelled to a nearby market town for some fresh food. In the village, the lovely little shop does well, but cannot stock all we need. Salad for lunch, and then out for our walk. The rain stopped around 14:00 and gave way to blue sky patched with light cloud. Perfect walking weather.

Sometimes, the light, the stage of growth of plants, the very route taken, all conspire to provide a veritable cornucopia of picture opportunities. Such was this afternoon’s walk. I present you with three pictures to give a flavour of the variety we enjoyed today. I hope they bring you as much pleasure as we gained in the experience.

Walking Weather

Wild weather wet and windy
challenges the walker
Mild weather gentle and kind
brings with it carefree ease
Cold weather crisp and clean
bites the flesh brings brisk steps
Sunshine and a sky of broken cloud
shines light into the darkest places
And fills the eye with wonders

Keep safe and well, everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Daily Forest Walk Picture 29.04.20

    1. The photograph doesn’t show it, but that path is actually quite steep. It’s one of a series of three fairly deep valleys leading from the heights down to a busy little brook, part of which has been fenced off to allow native British Beavers to breed and build dams to control the flow of water so the brook doesn’t flood the village. Full of songbirds, squirrels and a lot a plant varieties, the route is one of our favourites. Glad you liked it, Lynette.

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