Daily Forest Walk Picture 28.04.20

Spreading a bit of light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 25th post.

It was raining when we woke. It was raining most of the night, and it’s still raining as I write this. If it doesn’t stop, for the sake of our sanity, we’ll probably take a walk in the village after dark, when we’ll be able to avoid close contact with others. But no walk in the forest today.

So, I’ve decided to include pictures from my library of photographs taken over the five years we’ve lived here. There are 1,260 in the file of our local walks, so not hard to find some in the right season. It’s possible I’ll have to do the same for the next couple of days, judging by the weather forecast.

Those I’ve chosen were actually taken two days ago, and show different parts of the forest on our route. All the photographs included with this series have been taken within a mile and a half radius of our home.

Haiku 10

Straight lines in nature
and straight lanes made by man’s hand
sometimes they fit well

I hope the pics bring some pleasure. Enjoy!

Keep safe and well, everyone!

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