Daily Forest Walk Picture 25.04.20

Spreading a bit of light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 22nd post.

A shorter walk today; we’ve been forecast rain in the next few days and the garden needed some attention before that weather arrives.

But we took our walk first, not wishing to spend all our energy in working on those tasks. On our way back we saw a buzzard, flying above and kee-ing. These big birds of prey fly so elegantly, play with the thermals, rising and circling, they always inspire a sense of freedom. I tried to capture it, though it was flying quite high.

One other thing that struck me today was the amount of ivy we have clinging to various trees. In some cases it’s responsible for bringing trees down, its weight when wet and its wind resistance combining to overbalance the thinner trees. We actually saw one fall a while ago. Almost slow-motion as it fell earthward. Of course, that was a day I had no camera with me!

I decided to emphasise the ivy here by removing all colour other than the greens.

I hope the pics bring some pleasure. Enjoy!

Keep safe and well, everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. It’ll help others enjoy this bit of nature if you could spread the word with the ‘share’ buttons below. Let’s all do what we can for each other during this testing and trying time, please. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Daily Forest Walk Picture 25.04.20

    1. It’s for people stuck in the cities, Paola, that I’m doing this series of posts. I hope to spread a little of the joy that lies on our doorstep.
      My wife and I spent a wonderful two weeks in your country, in 2018. Our only time in Milan was our journey to the airport on our way home, though. If you’d like to see some of the pictures I took on that trip, start with this post – it has links to all the posts I created for the Italy trip: https://stuartaken.net/2019/01/02/italy-trip-of-a-lifetime-final-part/

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      1. I remember very well your journey in Italy, I read all your post about it. Thank you for loving my country so much. Next time stop in Milan, there are many masterpieces that deserve to be visited

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