Daily Forest Walk Picture 21.04.20

Continuing to spread a bit of light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 18th post.

Sunshine and warmth have combined to raise the heads of some domesticated bluebells in our back garden. I wondered if those in the forest might be similarly upright, so we set off in the direction of some areas where these wildflowers grow. As it happened, we were still a little early for them, with only a few isolated blooms protruding from the greenery. We’ll have to try again in the next few days. Meanwhile, we wandered through the open forest and returned by a route not much used by others.

On our return home, I discovered the carpet in the downstairs toilet was wet. I dreaded the possibility of a leaking loo in these days when our neighbours had already discovered plumbers have become as rare as hen’s teeth and more expensive than solicitors! My investigation showed it to be the cistern, and a simple turn of an internal screw on the ball cock mechanism seems to have put everything back to normal. I hope so, anyway.

On our walk today, we heard the hammering of a woodpecker and witnessed what appeared to be the mating flight of a pair of buzzards high overhead. Such a privilege to be in nature; we value our freedom to walk as we do and feel deeply for those denied this liberty. I hope these short posts and their pictures bring at least a taste of the outside world to those of you stuck inside.

No poetry today: I’m busy editing my WIP, sorry.

Keep safe and well, everyone!

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