The #Write #Word? Post 60 (Final)

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This is the final post in this series, which has dealt with words as Synonyms, Antonyms, Contronyms, Adverbs, Clichés, Redundancies, Plain-Language Alternatives for Wordy Phrases, Untranslatable Emotions, Words Often Misused and my own Delusional Dictionary. One of my regular readers suggested I should compile an index for the series, to help people find specific words covered. It’s a fairly big task, but one I’ve undertaken. I hope it’ll be useful for current and future visitors to the site.

Words are listed below with the date of the original post and a link to it. Alternatively, you can use this link to access the posts as a series.

Sorry it isn’t entirely in alphabetical order. When I started the series, I wasn’t sure how it would be received and had no specific plan. Over time, however, it developed into a slightly more formal and organised style.

What’s next? More posts about word use; words are, after all, our most fundamental tools. There’ll be a variety of short posts covering different aspects of the way we use words and how they might help our writing improve for the reader. And, since the title of this series has worked so well, I’ll change it by a single letter to ‘The Write Words?’. Watch out for it here each Friday.

1: 05/01/18 Advance forward, Backing.

2: 12/01/18 Ban/Permit, Dilemma or problem, Mauerbauertraurigkeit.

3: 19/01/18 Labour, Labour of love, Syllepsis.

4: 26/01/18 Chronic/Acute, Completely annihilate, Synaesthesia

5: 02/02/18 Discombobulate, Clear as mud, Cruelly, Tricolon

6: 09/02/18 Final ultimatum, Alternatives, Zeugma,

7: 16/02/18 Luxuriant/Luxurious, Down in the dumps, Iktsuarpok.

8: 02/03/18 Anticipate, Cold shoulder, Énouement.

9: 09/03/18 Fabulous, Generally, Famously.

10: 16/03/18 Disinterested/Uninterested, Cacophony of sound, Kilig.    

11: 23/03/18 Pig-headed/Amenable, Incredible to believe, In the event of, Weltschmerz

12: 30/03/18 Epic, Decimate, Filled(full) to capacity, Go the extra mile.

13: 06/04/18 Earn, In order that, Especially, Echo back, Lachesism, Politician.

14: 13/04/18 Gadget, Gleefully, Gourmet/Gourmand, Get her back up, Liberosis, Garbage.

15: 20/04/18 Hideous/Beautiful, Hopelessly, Have an adverse effect on, Hidden ambush, Habitué.

16: 27/04/18 Imitation, Illustrated drawing, Intensely, Inflammable/Flammable, Idiot.

17: 04/05/18 Jaded/Refreshed, Joined at the hip, Jealously, Judicial/Judicious, Jouska, Jackal.        

18: 11/05/18 Kakistocracy, Knowledgeable experts, Knowledgeably, Kenopsia

19: 18/05/18 Loathsome/Pleasant, Less/Fewer, Lap of luxury, Limply, Lawyer

20: 25/05/18 Melodramatic, Momentarily, More perfect, Mostly, Mokita, M.P

21; 01/06/18 Great minds think alike, Nod the head, Not in my backyard, Nodus Tollens, Nondescript,

22: 08/06/18 Apologies!

23: 15/06/18 Off of, On the rocks, Offensively, Occhiolism, Obsolescence.

24: 22/06/18 Pathos, Prescribe/Proscribe, Pair of twins, Pope.

25: 29/06/18 Quash, Refute, Quiet as a dormouse, Rückkehrunruhe, Reporter.

26: 06/07/18 Science Fiction, Somewhat, Sceptic/Denier, Set forth in, Solicitor.

27: 13/07/18 Tranquil/Turbulent, Transpire, Take action to,Triskaidekaphobia Tenant.

28: 20/07/18 Ubiquitous, Unexpected surprise, Until such time asUitwaaien, University.

29: 27/07/18 Vacillate, Vacillate back and forth, Viable/Feasible, Vellichor, Virgin.

30: 03/08/18 Waggish/Serious, Wetly, With reference to, Weather the storm, Writer.

31: 10/08/18 Xanthippe, Xeric, Xenophobically, Xenophobe

32: 17/08/18 Yawning, Yell loudly, You only live once, Youth

33: 24/08/18 Zenith, Zestfully, Zap, Zealot

34: 31/08/18 Ardent/Apathetic, Afford an opportunity, Ahem, Adronitis, Author

35: 07/09/18 Bacchanalia, Blend together, By means of, Barking up the wrong tree, Bastard.

36: 14/09/18 Cant, Continual/Continuous, Calm before the storm, Chrysalism, Church.

37: 21/09/18 Dabble, Disappear from sight, Due to the fact that, Dadirri, Doctor.

38: 28/09/18 Enlightenment, Entomb, Eek, Esprit d’escalier, Engineer.

39: 05/10/18 Fantastic/Ordinary, Free gift, Forego/Forgo, Fashion,

40: 12/10/18 Gaffer, Grow in size, Green-eyed monster, Genre

41: 19/10/18 Habitat, Heavily, Has a requirement for, Hollow tube, Honour.

42: 26/10/18 Insouciance, Instantly, In the near future, Insidious/Invidious, Idea.

43: 02/11/18 Jargon, Jetsam/ Flotsam, Join together, Joke

44: 09/11/18 Kaleidoscope, Ka-ching, Kuebiko, Knight

45: 16/11/18 Laborious/Easy, Look ahead to the future, Last hurrah, Leader.

46: 23/11/18 Macabre, Migrant/ Refugee, Monachopsis, Member of Parliament,

47: 30/11/18 Naiad, Natural instinct, Naked truth, Nude.

48: 07/12/18 Ordinary/Unusual, Obediently, Orenda, Officer

49: 14/12/18 Pantomime, Pertaining toPersonal opinion, Priest.

50: 21/12/18 QED, Question mark, Quick as a wink, Queen.

51: 28/12/18 Repeatedly, Regalia/Regal, Relative to, Review.

52: 04/01/19 Shriek/Whisper, Spliced together, Stubborn as a mule, Science.

53: 11/01/19 Taboo, Time period, Temper tantrum, Tory.

54: 18/01/19 Unhinged/Sane, Uselessly, Until such time as, Uniform.

55: 25/01/19 Vague, Very, Vemödalen, Vacuum.

56: 01/02/19 Wit, Warn in advance, Words fail me, Word

57: 08/02/19 Xenial, Xenophobically, X marks the spot, Xmas.

58: 15/02/19 Yawp, Yearningly, You’re the boss, Yobbish.

59: 22/02/19 Zigzag, Zany/Serious, Zealously, Zombie.

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