Unseasonal Weather: a #Poem

With thanks to ClimateReanalyzer.org

Unseasonal Weather

But one month of the year complete
and the next is almost done
Where is the wet the chill the flakes
of seasonal snow fun
whitening brightening delighting
children who would slide and glide
down frozen slopes in noisy joy
We have that burning globe
above ubiquitous it seems
bringing nearer flames to heather
pluming the air with dots of
carbon dusting the atmosphere
to blanket and retain the heat
unseasonal yet welcomed for its warmth
Tomorrow when we who brought
the coming catastrophe have gone
what will our children think about
the desert flood and storm we
gifted them without a thought
Tomorrow when today’s leaders
can no more prevaricate but lie
as dust with their lack of action
fed by greed and wilful ignorance
will our children thirsting hungry
battling for survival against all odds
and denying their genetic needs
to curb our overpopulation
selfish pride and carelessness
forgive our always and forever
too little too late inaction.