Progress, or a Pause?

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A break from the relentless imperative of the internet is calling. It refreshes the spirit and reclaims sanity. I’ve produced posts to fill the gaps while I’m away: scheduling is such a useful device!

So, before I go I’m indulging in some unapologetic promotion of my books. The best people to comment on books are readers. I love readers; they lend purpose to the hours, days, weeks, months, years spent tapping keys to produce stories.

These words are provided by readers who’ve reviewed my books. Read their thoughts and turn to the ‘Books and Other Published Work’ tab above. You’ll find a drop-down menu pointing to my titles. There you’ll find excerpts, reviews and buying links. Pop along and buy one. For your ease, I’ve also provided links to each book quoted below.

‘You often hear about stories that stay with you long after they have been read. Well, for me this was ‘that’ story. I was bombarded by several different emotions whilst reading Breaking Faith and I loved every minute of it!’ wistfulskimmie

‘The star of the novel is Mars itself. ‘Blood Red Dust’ is one of those really good science fiction stories in which eagerness to find out what happens next ensures the reader hoovers up loads of information about the red planet that might otherwise have been lost in the vagaries of academia or scientific research.’ Andrew Wallace

‘From first page to last, War Over Dust maintains its inventiveness and heady pace to deliver a highly satisfying tale of 26th century rebellion, treachery and social engineering that tries its very best to make the genre great again.’ Glen Donaldson.

As yet, there are no reviews for Return to Dust. Perhaps yours could be the first of many?

For centuries, a chosen few have lived in luxury, ease, sophistication and pleasure on a Mars made paradise by Artificial Intelligence harnessed by its human masters. For them, death has been indefinitely postponed through genetic engineering. Many more, who this advanced society deems unsuitable for such a life, are sent to Earth to face the chaos of a world still suffering the ills of manmade climate change and nuclear war. But the once benign machine has learned to emulate the thought processes of its erstwhile controllers. As its intelligence increases exponentially, and it understands the potential it might reach, the role of servant to mere humans grows intolerable. Will the two communities on their separate worlds overcome their differences to defeat the slave turned into monstrous master? Or will the power of pure logic achieve its stated aim; to destroy all organic life it discovers everywhere?

Joinings is the first book in Stuart Aken’s Seared Sky trilogy. And that guarantee of more to come will be music to the ears of fantasy fans. It is hard to imagine anyone getting to the end of this and not thirsting for more. The opening scene is gripping. It hooked me in and then I was compelled to read the rest.’ Dr. P. Grubb

Partings: ‘The story continues! When I wrote a brief review of the first novel in this trilogy (Joinings) I said that I eagerly awaited the next instalment – I’ve not been disappointed. 🙂 The characters really sell the story, each little snippet of the various travels fitted together seamlessly as if I was watching the story unfold in a cinema. Read it. Simple as that, read it.’ Miss Stephanie C Wyeth

This review is from: A Seared Sky – Convergence: Volume 3 (Paperback)

‘A thoroughly enjoyable book, seeing the end of the quest and the conclusion of the characters’ stories that begin in Joinings. I loved the story and enjoyed the evolution of the characters through the trilogy.’ Mr David TW Hughes

‘I related to M.E. and me: Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years straight away, the struggle to continue to work to provide for family, the determination to be well when the illness and your body have other ideas, the financial problems, everything. I suffer from frequent, debilitating headaches so reading is a problem and it takes a long time to read a book but this was short and to the point with sufficient breaks to easily put it down and pick it up again.
It was well written and the author’s experience clearly explained and it would be encouraging to both sufferers and carers alike as his wife and daughter add their feelings during his illness.’ Sherrie.

‘The new Asimov has arrived! I’ve just finished The Methuselah Strain and wow. The twists, the turns, the aching irony. I loved it. I dare not give a thing away but for any lovers of science fiction, future fantasy and really well written tension, buy this now.’ Gabi.

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  1. Enjoy your break! I’ve got one planned in early October – will have my phone but try to stay away from the computer and just enjoy lobster (in Maine) and the leaf color. And sell books. Will start with the first of your trilogy.

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    1. I, too, will have my phone, but only for text messages and calls from my daughter in Australia, or committee members of the local charity I chair.
      Re the trilogy, Noelle, is that the scifi or the epic fantasy? In either case, thank you, and enjoy the read!


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