Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


Last week I’d reached a total of 35694 words. Today, I’m up to 40481, which is just a tad over my target of 40000 for a busy week, with a couple of days out for festivities. I’m a lover of the New Year: see it as a ‘fresh start’ and prefer it to Christmas, so it’s always a time of celebration for me.

Now we’re back to ‘normal’ mode, I expect to be working longer hours on the new book. I’d like to have the 1st draft complete by the end of the month so I can let it lie fallow for a couple of weeks before starting on the extensive editing process.

One of the side effects of writing as a pantster is that creation of the story on the fly entails quite a lot of ongoing research as unexpected aspects of the tale come up. It also means the first draft is really much more of an extended synopsis, which then has to be beaten into a readable state prior to all the specialist editing that renders a novel fit for publication.

Fortunately, I enjoy this part of the process almost as much as the excitement of creating the tale. Love searching for that ‘perfect’ word, apposite phrase, most effective structure.

All this takes time, of course. But it’s time well worth spending. And, once the MS is with the publisher, it should require minimal editing by their team.

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