Creative #Writing #Contests Table Updated


Here’s this month’s reminder that the writing contest table has been updated. It’s located under the ‘Resources’ tab.

I update the table frequently, in fact; whenever I come across new contest details. I also subscribe to a few sources for information to pass on to you here.

Make sure you submit entries in plenty of time. There are some spectacular prizes to be had. Many contests are FREE to enter. And please don’t be sucked in by the false arguments about ‘paid for’ contests: most are run by voluntary organisations with little money, and the entry fees go toward providing cash for the prizes and sometimes to pay judges, who are often professional people in the writing world whose time is precious.

Think of the kudos if you win a prize!

The table updates each time I save it, so whenever you visit the page, it’s as current as it is on my Mac. At present, I use Google Drive to share this file. However, it’s less than ideal, as it fails to transfer the links properly, meaning that in some cases you may have to copy and paste the URL into your browser. I’m currently looking at alternatives, but it may be a while before I can fix this.

In the meantime, you can access it by clicking here.

Have fun and get some cash from your writing.

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