Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

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A seasonal picture; just one of around 500 I have on the site for use as illustrations, decoration, etc.

Last week I had a total of 18,835 words; this week’s total is 30,829, an increase of 12,000. Not bad, considering the other things that have been happening in and around my life. Only today, we had an interruption in our power supply as the local company came along to update some of the equipment in the hope of giving the village a more reliable service during high winds and snowstorms.

We’ve also taken a good number of longish walks, often clearing fallen trees (the smaller ones) and branches from the trails through the forest to keep these open for walkers like ourselves. We had a pleasant night at the local hall laughing at the amdram’s pantomime. And a prolonged visit to the local hairdresser who attempted to convert me from a wild man to something resembling a human being, with little success.

The coming week promises a prolonged walk, following a steep and lengthy climb from home, to a local pub that’s producing pensioner’s Christmas dinners (yum, yum!), another night out at the hall to watch a professional group called the Pantaloons performing their undoubtedly hilarious version of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and a couple of days where I’ll be forced to join in the excess and jollity of an arcane and somewhat puzzling celebration for reasons I don’t fully understand. Still, it’ll be a new year soon, and I love the idea of a fresh start, don’t you? Doubtless, we’ll have more walks each day, keeping aging muscles and joints in some sort of condition.

Someone told me they dreaded retiring from their employment because life would be so boring. Frankly, I’ve never been busier, happier or more fulfilled, but then I’m a writer and we’re a pretty weird bunch, so not really representative of people as a whole.

Let’s see what I’m able to report next Wednesday, shall we? Hopefully, I’ll have added a few thousand more words, some of them actually making sense!

In the meantime, please let me wish you a very merry yuletide (I use the word largely to declare my allegiance to the pagan spirit and celebration of natural life) or whatever else you wish to call the season of goodwill. Enjoy! At the appropriate time, I’ll raise a glass or two, or maybe more, to readers and writers the world over.

The picture at the head is one of my photographs exhibited on the site. You can obtain the full size image by clicking this link.  The site is a place for photographers to sell their images to anyone who wants to use them as illustrations, decoration, or for any purpose. Mine are all for sale at very reasonable prices. (Photography remains a very expensive art form when done properly).

One further seasonal thought: If you receive a new digital reader for Xmas, you might want to fill it with some books. You could always try the first two book in the Generation Mars series.

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