Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


I fear I missed this update last week. Put it down to a mixture of advancing years and a rather busy schedule: I have.

So, currently I’m at 11,985 words, which, given I had a target of 10,000 for today is a pleasing result. It’s always a bit slow for a pantster at the start of the story. Things come along that were unexpected and require the writer to break off for odd bits of research, the creation of a new character to fill a space unforeseen, the introduction of new concepts and words that need logging for future reference as the story develops. And then, when writing a sequel to 2 previous books, there’s the need to ensure references to the previous volumes are accurate. Nothing worse than having a character suddenly do something utterly out of character, or, worse, do something at all if that character was killed off in the earlier story! As a result, I’m going to have to re-read those first two books and make a few notes.

I suspect a lot of readers will imagine writers know their books in full detail. Some may even achieve such feats. Me? I’m the original forgettory man; the opposite of the memory man, that is. I’ve written somewhere in the region of 15 novels, 7 of them published along with several anthologies. Add to that the many short stories I’ve penned (some of those also published) and I guestimate I’ve written somewhere over 2,000,000 words, created around 500 characters and invented several imagined worlds. It’s hardly a surprise, to me anyway, that I sometimes have difficulty recalling accurate details relating to each and every one. So, a re-read is needed. That’s a day out of the week for the coming session.

As the story progresses, I’ll find fewer reasons to divert into research, and my notes will help assure accuracy, so I should be able to forge ahead at greater speed.

Let’s see what next Wednesday brings, eh? In the meantime, I have invitations to guest post on a couple of other blogs (more writing), I have 2 more posts to create for this blog (possibly more, depending on how I feel), responses to make to my followers here, on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and any other blogs I’ve commented on, a couple of books I’ve read but yet to review, and, only minutes ago, the connecting cable arrived for my new camera to allow me to transfer the pictures from the memory card into the software I’m learning to use on my Mac.

If the weather turns pleasant during the week, our daily constitutional walks in the forest may well be augmented by longer, more demanding treks among the trees on journeys of discovery, although today’s walk was short due to rain and wind. And I do also live a life.

This, apparently, is retirement. How I ever found time to do a full time job, I’ve no idea!

So, until next time on this thread…

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