Non-Invasive Health Benefits: Hema-Ties Reviewed.


Do you suffer headaches, migraines? Feeling stressed, anxious, or just worn down by modern life? I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to take medication for such situations. I seek something less invasive to put me back in a relaxed and creative state.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been wearing a device called a Hema-Tie around my forehead. It’s a band of braid with hematite beads attached that can be placed on appropriate acupressure points. I know: I hadn’t heard of this therapy either. But I was introduced to the concept by a new neighbour who’s rapidly become a friend.

Vince has studied the theory behind acupressure and understands the principles well. He showed me one of his bands and explained how it works, what it does. It was a no-brainer to try one out.

During my 10 years with ME/CFS I was more or less constantly in a state of anxiety, probably due to the effect the condition has on the hippocampus, which is involved in regulating the stress system. Although I recovered from the condition a short time after I retired, I discovered that I suffered a sort of hangover in the form of an increase in background anxiety. Prior to ME/CFS, I’d always been pretty relaxed. In fact, my work colleagues used to say if I was any more laid back I’d fall over!

I decided to try the Hema-Ties band to see whether it would have any effect on my anxiety levels and help reduce the odd bouts of stress-related fatigue that were another occasional echo of the ME/CFS.

Hematie ribbon_000001

Not only did it work a treat on these, it left me both relaxed and creatively stimulated. A real and positive affect on my wellbeing. It’s been a genuine success for me.

Considering the low cost and ease of use, I’d say this is a superb way of dealing with a number of issues. The Endocrine System is also boosted while wearing the device, helping to balance the body’s natural chemistry. Certainly, I feel generally better both during and after wearing it. Why not give it a go? You never know, in spite of the scepticism some of you will no doubt harbour, it may well turn out to be the solution you never thought you’d find.


You can find the website, complete with full details of the various items available, the history of the production, and the shop from which you can make your purchase by clicking this link. There’s also a Facebook page with further information, which you can access here.