Labor Day, by Joseph Farley: #BookReview.

labor day

From the start, this science fiction novel, located on a future Earth, sets the scene for the society in which the action takes place. And it isn’t a society many of us would wish to inhabit.

Fortunately, the characters are drawn with such a fine pen that the reader can quickly empathise with the main protagonists. In a world where many of the leading citizens have some degree of cockroach DNA, together with various aspects of that insect’s appearance and characteristics, this is a very good thing!

As with the world today, there are those who have and those who have not, with the majority falling into the latter classification, again, much like today.

This is a well-observed study of human nature, set in a cleverly imagined world with much intriguing detail. I was gripped from the start and read through in one sitting to the satisfying and inevitable conclusion.

A very good read.


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