Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


So it begins! The first 1100 words are written, at last. The Fates thought they’d stymied me with various barriers placed in the way of creation, but they underestimated my sheer bloody-mindedness.

So, medical issues and appointments, computer failures, and unsatisfactory phone lines apart, I’ve actually made a start on the new book. Whilst straining limbs and mind, prone on a sunbed under the Mediterranean sun, I’d made a few notes of those ideas that emerge from the ether at such times. Incorporated into the initial notes that formed the basic framework of the story, I now have enough material to place my characters into the settings and allow them to construct their means of escape from the traps I’ve set, and to find ways to face the challenges I’m inventing as I move into the story.

I love this way of writing. No formal structure, no plan, no plot. I know where I’m starting and I know where I expect to end, but I leave the journey to the characters. Of course, I keep in mind the themes I’m exploring, and I must know my characters as well as friends. There’s always the possibility they’ll overturn my intentions and end up in an entirely different place from the one I envisage at the start. That whole process makes the writing of the story far more interesting, since I don’t know what will happen from page to page, sometimes even from sentence to sentence! It makes the whole creative process far more entertaining for me, and therefore, I hope, for my readers.

So, the tale is begun, the journey started. I’ll keep you informed of progress. But to learn the route and final destination, you’ll have to await the production of the book, and read it!

In the meantime, I received a brilliant review of volume 2, War Over Dust, from a reader who really understands what I’m trying to do. You can find it here.

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