Inside Moves, by Walter Danley: #BookReview.

inside moves

Inside Moves is a thriller with elements that occasionally lift it above the usual formulaic presentation of such books.

Starting with a climatic event, the book moves back into the period prior to this to set the scene and explain how the climax came about.

The general background to the story, its locations, mood and tone, are set deep within middle-class USA, with an aside to the poorer class in America who are shown in the worst light and without real balance.

I initially found it difficult to empathise with any of the characters, but eventually discovered some positive qualities that allowed me to move closer to the two main protagonists. The antagonists I found rather one-dimensional villains from both the ‘Mob’ and Business, though one was drawn with much greater depth. These three gave me the motive to continue reading.

There is much backstory given as description; essential knowledge given in fairly indigestible chunks.

Tension and action are there aplenty. And readers interested in firearms will find much to interest them. One or two instances of killing during the action scenes are presented in the form of dark humour, but I found them simply in poor taste (that’s a very personal reaction, of course).

The climax to the story is a prolonged violent gun battle with gore and multiple deaths, which I found an unsatisfactory ending to the tale. It was a book both disappointing and strangely compelling that left me frustrated rather than satisfied.


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