The Majat Testing, by Anna Kashina Reviewed.


This fantasy short introduces readers to a new series, The Majat Code, which, on the basis of the writing here, I may very well explore further.

For a short piece, this book develops the characters well and presents an imagined world in surprising detail, without boring the reader with unnecessarily lengthy descriptions. The story involves an initiate of twelve years undergoing a test to join a martial organisation. But the main tale turns around the attraction of the boy’s minder for the female examiner who arrives to carry out the test.

The interaction here is played out exquisitely, with the reasons for the man’s attractions made clear and the dangers of such a relationship undisguised. There is a strongly erotic element to the narrative, but the result of this is left at the bedroom door for the reader to imagine. It is very well done.

Although this is fantasy, the characters are, whilst being unusual, credible and well drawn; the reader wants to know more about them. It’s a short, introductory story, but one that draws the reader into the invented world and leaves a definite longing for more.

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