The Midnight Clear, by April Taylor, Reviewed.


April Taylor has her soprano sleuth, Georgia Pattison embroiled in another murder mystery. A shorter work, this one, it packs in all the emotion, action and mystery of her longer works.

Great light detective fiction that concentrates on character as a means of solving the crime. We have a new police detective here to deal with and, as usual, Georgia gives as good as she gets under investigation and suspicion. Also, her own worst enemy, she allows her feelings to overcome her common sense until, that is, she finds the body.

The story is a country house mystery with filial rivalry at the heart of the whodunit. Could it be one of the servants? A stranger? Or, is it one of the family Georgia is forced to share the house with? The threat level rises as the pages swiftly turn in this seasonal crime romance.

Regular readers will know Georgia well, of course. But for those who haven’t yet dipped into this series of fascinating novels, this shorter work is an ideal introduction to an idiosyncratic woman with balls and the voice of an angel. Regulars will lap it up.

I’ve followed Georgia on her various exploits and always enjoyed the tales and her interactions, spunky, sometimes ill-advised, always risky and occasionally deeply dangerous, with the other characters that April Taylor populates her books with. These are well written books that entertain as well as intrigue and open eyes to a world few of us as readers will have entered. Definitely a good read and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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