Progress on the WIP: SciFi in the Making.

Martian clouds via NASA


At the start of this week, my publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, sent the edit notes for the MS of the novel set on Mars. A particularly perspicacious editor had spotted a few inconsistencies and had queries on a small number of issues. She was pleased to note the MS was unusually free of typos, I’m happy to report.

MS Word, for those who don’t know, has a wonderful tool that tracks changes and can be used to make comments and suggestions on any document. It’s a great way for editors to inform writers of suggested changes. I went through the whole MS and either applied the recommended alterations, made my own, or explained my reasons for leaving things as they were. Took me three fairly intense days, but well worth the effort. I returned it yesterday and got it back within a few hours with 5 very small suggested changes. I did those at once and sent the finished version back straightaway. Publishing a book is a team effort, and I’m lucky to belong to an especially dedicated and professional team.

So, at 81,988 words, it’s now ready to publish. The cover is under way, with a slightly shorter and punchier title, and we’re currently on target for the proposed launch in mid November. I’m looking forward to seeing the cover, which I’ll share with you as soon as I’m able. Easiest way to ensure you hear the news is to go to the top of the pale blue column on the right and follow the blog via email. You’ll get no spam, just a brief email each time I make a post.

To those of you who write, I wish you well with your projects and hope they’re going as planned. To all my readers, I’ll announce here when this book is available. Watch this space!

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