What’s it Like to Run the Great North Run?

The finisher’s medal.

I’m reminded by this morning’s BBC1 TV showing, that a year ago I ran the Great North Run. It struck me that others may be wondering what that’s like for the ordinary person. I wrote an account after the race, and you can find that by following this link.

I’m resurrecting this post for a couple of reasons, one is as above; a way of spreading what might be useful information. The other is to encourage people to take part and raise some much needed cash for a favourite charity, or maybe donate to the charity I supported on the day. I ran for Action for ME, a charity that gave me support during the 10 years I suffered with ME/CFS. You can donate to this cause easily by following this link. Alternatively, if you have an interest in the condition (ME/CFS) through an acquaintance, relative, loved one or as a carer or even a sufferer, you may benefit by reading my book on my experience and how I recovered after ten years. You’ll be making a donation to the charity by buying it, as 50% of the profits go to them. You’ll find the book by clicking here in both print and digital form.